Akron Police Respond to Call of Baby Eating Charcoal, Find Couple Running Meth Lab


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Akron police responded to a call over the weekend concerning a toddler who was spotted shoveling charcoal into his mouth. They found the unsupervised one-year-old, sure, but also a couple who was running a methamphetamine lab out of their apartment, reports Cleveland.com.

Nicolas Anton and Heather Sandau, both 25, were arrested on Sunday at the 1000 block of Independence Avenue in Akron for possessing chemicals used to manufacture mthamphetamine, for possessing the drugs themselves, and also for, you know, letting a toddler in their care eat charcoal. 

The child was placed in the custody of Summit Country Children Services, where we hope he was given a real snack. The duo is expected to appear in court today.

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