Here are the Ten Republicans You Can Expect to See Thursday Night at the Q


Though the 10-man roster of Republican debaters won't be released until hours before the 9 p.m. debate on Thursday, recent polls have given us a pretty good idea who will grace the Quicken Loans Arena Stage.

Per Fox News, the candidates will be arranged according to their placement in the polls, with the most popular candidate (Donald Trump) center stage, and the least popular candidates (John Kasich and Chris Christie, currently) at the ends. 

Here are the latest numbers, based on a CNN composite: 

1) Donald Trump (23%)
2) Jeb Bush (13%)
3) Scott Walker (11%)
4) Ben Carson (7%)
5) Mike Huckabee (7%)
6) Ted Cruz (6%)
7) Rand Paul (5%)
8) Marco Rubio (5%)
9) Chris Christie (3%)
10) John Kasich (3%)

And Don't worry, Ohio farmers: Kasich's momentum all but guarantees that he will make the cut. 

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