An Atlanta News Station Accidentally Recirculated a Story About Josh Gordon's 2014 DUI


Twitter was in an uproar today over what appeared to be yet another DUI from Browns WR Josh Gordon. What actually happened was @11AliveNews, a social media outlet for WXIA in Atlanta of all places, retweeted a 2014 story about Gordon's DUI in Raleigh, N.C

Despite the infinitesimal odds of Gordon picking up a second DUI in the same city and under the same conditions as he did in July 2014, the story and the tweet appeared current to many readers. 

The news station offered this: "While doing maintenance on our site, a 2014 story on Josh Gordon was auto-retweeted. Please note this story was from 2014." It's almost impossible to comprehend, but OK. 

Meanwhile, though, Cleveland sports reporters, national media outlets and Twitter aficionados of all stripes kinda went wild with the story. 

Gordon's surely fine. 

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