Local Newgrass Act Honeybucket Debuts Music Video for 'Pursuit of Happiness'

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A few years back, the guys in the local newgrass outfit Honeybucket worked up a cover of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness.” The band half-drunkenly played the rap song for the first time at a party for its 2013 video release. Now, it's become a fan favorite.

“I heard it at my old job on a Pandora station,” says singer-guitarist Adam Reifsnyder. “It has that slow half-time beat. I wanted to speed it up. I heard it five or six times and had that same thought every time. I figured out an arrangement and took it to the guys and we fleshed out the vocals. It felt like a Honeybucket song. It didn’t feel like Kid Cudi. But when people know it’s a Kid Cudi song and we play it, you can see everyone’s face light up. It’s his same lyrics and melody.”

Filmed on location at Spice Acres Farm in Brecksville, Market Garden Brewery and the Cleveland Hostel in Ohio City, the band's video for the song was shot by Jeff and Kim Sutton of Window Frame Productions. Local producer Dave Douglas recorded the tune at his Danger House Studio. It's just been released and you can check it out here.

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