After Long Hiatus, Seoul Hot Pot to Reopen its Doors Today



Great news for Korean food fans; Seoul Hot Pot (3709 Payne Ave., 216-881-1221) will reopen its doors beginning today, August 17. The Asiatown restaurant was forced to close back in 2013 after nearly 30 years in business when one of the owners was sidelined with an illness.

Back in April, we reported on the imminent reopening of the restaurant, which has been a staple for Korean food fans for decades. A series of delays postponed the resurrection months past its scheduled date. Better late than never, as they say.

During the break the owners, Bok and Jin Hu, revamped the interior, which had grown a little long in the tooth. The tired old carpet, permeated with the scent of a quarter century of indoor grilled meats, was ripped out and replaced by hardwood floors. Other changes have breathed fresh life into this Cleveland classic. 

Stop in soon for some mandu, pajun, doenjang jjigae and kalbi, the savory Korean-style barbecue that diners prepare themselves at grill-top tables.

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