LeBron Continues Kindness Crusade, Gives Kenmore HS Brand New Nike Football Unis



Though LeBron himself was en route to Asia for an annual trip coordinated by Nike, reps from his Family Foundation dropped off brand-spanking-new football uniforms to Akron's Kenmore High School team Tuesday night.

Both Head Coach Kemp Boyd and players were effusive in their gratitude. Boyd dabbed his eyes with a hankey as he accepted the unis from LJFF reps, who made their entrance via helicopter.

LeBron has orchestrated "uni drops" before, often to schools and sports programs in low-income areas with limited resources. His drop Tuesday follows news last week that his foundation will be providing scholarships, in conjunction with the University of Akron, to those graduates of Akron public schools who have participated in the LJFF mentorship program.

The tagline of the LeBron James Family Foundation is "I promise to never forget where I came from," and LeBron, daily it seems, is making good on that promise.

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