This is What Quicken Loans Arena Has to Say About This Morning's Garth Brooks Ticket Fiasco


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We got more than a few messages within a matter of minutes earlier today pointing us to the Facebook page for Quicken Loans Arena and their post about Garth Brook tickets going on sale. It seems the process was, how shall we say, less than smooth. It looked like the @ replies for 1-800-Flowers Twitter account the day after Valentine's Day. People —- many, many people — were complaining that their sessions timed out before they could finish an order, that they finished an order and it never went through, and more.

A sampling, screenshotted for posterity:



We reached out to the Q to see just what happened. Demand was super insane — Garth doesn't play that often, after all — and two shows were added mere minutes after the first show went on sale. Chalk it up to demand and maybe a short-sighted view of how many people would be dinging the site. Here's what a spokesman had to say:

"The issue some fans experienced today was related to the timed checkout process with some sessions timing out before fans had completed their ticket purchase. Veritix resolved this by more than doubling the regular check out timing limit, while the addition of two more shows and the associated increase in seating inventory also helped alleviate the issue.”

Hope everyone who wanted tickets ended up getting them. 

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