Former Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic Caught Publicly Peeing on University of Akron Campus


The police report says it all. Just before midnight Wednesday, longtime Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic was caught with his dingaling in his hands, standing on some mulch and peeing into a tree on or near a University of Akron parking lot.

Via the report:

Plusquellic "turned around, zipping up his pants when confronted. Subject was rude to officers and was issued a warning. Subject told police he knew we don't do anything and figured he would give us something to do on a slow night." 

WKYC's Phil Trexler Tweeted the report out. 

In addition to representing another strange episode in Akron's tumultuous mayoral year, the incident is a striking example of how people in power do precisely what they please without punishment. 

No charges are forthcoming. 

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