Offshore Wind Turbine Project Inches Closer to Reality


LEEDCo, perpetually in the beginning stages of an offshore wind turbine program in Lake Erie, will send a crew onto the water this week to conduct soil samples of the earth down below. The tests should determine whether an area seven miles northwest of downtown Cleveland is suitable for turbine construction.

This next step comes after a 2014 grant award of $2.8 million, getting the company closer to its goal of (at least) six wind turbines in Lake Erie. 

“This is an important milestone and demonstrates tangible progress towards the first offshore wind project in the Great Lakes, and in creating a new industry on the shores of Lake Erie to provide clean energy for our environment and jobs for our economy," Lorry Wagner, president of LEEDCo, said.

LEEDCo is pursuing structural elements similar to wind farms in Europe, where the technology is more widely supported by the public. In the U.S., where 11 projects are in the works, public opposition and unexpectedly high cost estimates have presented obstacles. 

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