Case Grad Student Assaulted By Campus Security Officer


An unarmed Case Western Reserve University security officer assaulted a graduate student Wednesday night on Bellflower Rd.

President Barbara Snyder, in a memo to staff Thursday morning, said that the student was transported to University Hospitals, where he was treated and released.  

"An investigation is ongoing," Snyder wrote, "but so far it appears that the employee also verbally threatened students and was belligerent with other individuals both on Bellflower and Ford Drive."

Snyder said that the Security officer was taken to University Hospitals as well, and that he became "increasingly agitated" during an evaluation. 

"I first want to express my profound apologies to the injured student and all others with whom this troubled employee interacted last night," Snyder wrote. "To have anyone suffer intimidation or violence on our campus is terrible enough; to have the attacks come from an employee is truly awful."

Snyder said that Case had turned over the investigation to the Cleveland Police Department. Sgt. Ali Pillow, when reached for further comment, said he was "completely unaware" of the incident Wednesday.

Pillow checked in with officers at the CPD's third district and said that the detective assigned to the investigation was on the case, but there were no updates to report at this time. He'll keep us posted with any additional info. 

UPDATE: From the university, the officer is now on administrative leave. 

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