Scene Proudly Supports Whoever Brewed the "Mall(t) Guy Beer" at the Brew Kettle


We love the Mall Guy. We've spent some time with him and he's a decent dude with a backstory not as weird as everyone imagines. And you gotta give the guy credit, however many years into this now, that he still buckles up his Hot Topic boots and throws on his DIY glitterbombed t-shirts and to keep hanging out at Southpark Mall, Jacobs Field, and assorted country concerts.

Which is why we thought it nice and only proper that someone used our photo on the label of some beer they brewed at the Brew Kettle down in Strongsville. 


(Hat tip to Justin Bielecki, who probably most definitely was among those who brewed the beer, and Brian Vandenhaute, who we hear came up with the name. Ship one to our offices, please.)

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