Update: Parent Gives Middle Finger to Ohio's "Common Core" in the Most Brilliant Way Possible


Update: We were disheartened to learn today that the Painseville pop who wrote the check to Melridge Elementary school in "Common Core" math didn't actually send the check to the school.

Cleveland.com reports that, alas, it was "just a joke."

A pretty damn good joke.

Originally posted: Sept. 18, 2015 at 3:05 p.m.

It's no secret that Ohio's "Common Core" standards have generated some heated debates among parents since its integration into school curriculum back in 2010. It's also generated some colorful commentary — the latest of which comes to us today from a frustrated parent out of Painesville, Ohio who, as the Independent Journal points out, literally "put his money where his mouth is."

  • Screenshot, IJ/Twitter

"If you check out the amount, it’s made out in 'common core math,'" the Independent Journal's Kyle Becker writes.  "So, if [Melridge] Elementary school wants to cash it, it’s going to have to explain to the bank cashier how it works (talk about an exercise in futility.)"

Well done, sir.

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