Toledo Gynecologist Suspended After Having Sex with Patients, Staff


  • Photo via Wikimedia Commons
A Toledo-area OB-GYN was forced to hang up his white coat this month after it came to light that he was having sexual relationships with some of his patients and members of his staff.

Dr. Peter C. Johnson — an ironic name, if you ask us — admitted to the state board that he had sex with three patients he treated at his Northwood, Ohio practice, as well as with a resident who was under his supervision and an office assistant, the Toledo Blade reports

From the Toledo Blade:

“Dr. Johnson further admits his sexual behaviors persisted even after he knew he was under investigation by the Board, and that his sexual behaviors have caused occupational problems for him as he is no longer allowed to supervise residents,” the board’s report said.

What's more, Johnson was diagnosed with an "unspecified sexual disorder" earlier this year, the medical board's report says. Johnson's license was suspended on Sept. 6.

Head over to the Toledo Blade for the full story, as well as for a delightful photo of the doc.

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