Flip Side Flips Open in Cleveland's Flats



This year, the Flats has seen half a dozen or so grand openings after $750 million was poured into hipping up the place. This week marked the latest with the arrival of a familiar facade: Flip Side.

The bar-slash-restaurant opened its fifth location Tuesday night, following Saturday's grand opening of Punch Bowl Social. Without announcement or signage, the regional trendy burger joint opened its doors to little fanfare. Unlike the other high-energy concept bars on the strip, general manager Joe Greising stressed Flip Side's laid-back nature and said that the burger bar plans to keep it casual.

The Flats' Flip Side menu falls in line with its relaxed attitude, simplifying down to a few salads, side options and about 20 different burgers. 

Fall-lovers may be excited to see seasonal flavors like an apple pie milkshake on the board which comes with the option to add bourbon. 

Flip Side also has locations in Chagrin Falls, Rocky River, Hudson and Easton. Its full menu and hours can be found on its website.

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