Trent Reznor Bids Goodbye to the Minimoog Voyager, Recounts Nine Inch Nails History


After 13 years, production of the Minimoog Voyager, a popular synthesizer that first went into fruition in 2002, will come to an end as Moog is set to handcraft the final 600 units at its factory in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. As it's put in a press release announcing the end of production, the Minimoog “signaled the rebirth of Moog Music and the re-emergence of the analog synthesizer as a viable creative tool in our increasingly digital world.”

Trent Reznor loved the instrument. In the video posted here, he recounts buying his first Minimoog at a Youngstown store and describes it as “the archetype of what a synthesizer is and should be.” He says it’s part of every project he’s ever done. In the video, he also recounts the history of Nine Inch Nails, which spent its formative years in Cleveland.   

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