Tremont Secures Grant for Constantino's Market


Photo courtesy of Instagram user @carruthersleslie
  • Photo courtesy of Instagram user @carruthersleslie
This week, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cleveland was granted with, well, a grant. Tremont received $742,000 from the federal Department of Health and Human Services to develop a Constantino's Market in the area.

The grant was given as part of the department's initiative to prevent what it calls "food deserts," or urban areas with little access to grocery stores and markets. In these areas, low income families are more likely to turn to fast food chains or convenience stores for food, leading to unhealthy lifestyles and increases in obesity and heart disease. A weekly farmer's market in Tremont's Lincoln Park has routinely accepted the most food stamps of any other market in the region, making a new grocery store a welcome sight.

Though the federal government just dropped a lot of dough on this project, Tremont still needs upwards of $1.5 million to complete the $2.5-million project. The plan entails renovating an empty mansion on West 14th Street and Fairfield Avenue and moving in a Constantino's. 

In addition to supplying the area with access to fresh produce, the arrival of Constantino's Market brings with it 30 new full-time jobs and dozens more part-time positions. 

The market's projected to open its doors in about two years, joining the other three Constantino's in the area. 

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