The Scene Podcast With Special Guest Bill Burr


Bill Burr is coming to Cleveland on October 23 2015 to play two shows at the State Theater. You know him, of course, from numerous appearances on television, from his role on Breaking Bad, and appearances with David Letterman, Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Fallon. You've probably seen his comedy specials prominently displayed on Netflix as well. We can go on, but come on, you know Bill Burr and you just want to hear him talk.

To get tickets to his shows in Cleveland visit or Bill's website

Bill was gracious enough to spend time talking with host Craig Lyndall about how he tries to actually do things in the towns he visits while on tour. He discusses his views on creativity and what it's like to create a podcast every week. Lastly Bill discusses fame and how he likes being a background guy.

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