Cleveland Firefighters Had Better Start Trimming Nosehairs Under Interim Chief Angelo Calvillo


If you don't do it yourself, Calvillo sure will!
  • If you don't do it yourself, Calvillo sure will!
The NEOMG's Leila Atassi has reported some of the more frightening anecdotes from the personnel files of Angelo Calvillo, newly appointed interim Chief of Cleveland's Fire Department. 

Rank and file firefighters — the bearded among them, anyhow — have claimed that, exemplary scores and supervisory reviews notwithstanding, Calvillo is a demeaning guy who gets a charge out of treating his underlings like shit. 

"He tyrannizes firefighters by nitpicking their appearance, writing them up for "inadvertent nose hairs," wearing the wrong style of fire department uniform or putting on a baseball cap to combat sun glare while driving," Atassi wrote, referencing a complaint from one disgruntled firefighter who'd had a run-in with Calvillo on a day he'd been unable to shave. 

He said that the opinion of Calvillo was so low that firefighters would refuse to trade shifts if they knew Calvillo was scheduled to work, and that most of the rank-and-file considered Calvillo's singular desire to rise up the Fire Department food chain to be "sociopathic."  

You know what they say in Cleveland: PROMOTE HIM! 

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