Celebrating a Rare Browns' Win Over the Ravens — The A to Z Podcast With Andre Knott and Zac Jackson



The Cleveland Browns beat the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore and regardless of everything else, that's worth celebrating.

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Here's what else Andre and Zac discussed in today's episode:

Garth Brooks and Prince concerts
Corey Kluber walks when others take the bus
Andre learns Josh McCown's whole name
Zac and Andre ate Popeyes with Jim Donovan
Comparing Mike Pettine to Brian Billick
The offense under John DeFilippo
College coaches, Steve Spurrier and Steve Sarkisian
Young coaches and getting too much too early
Mack Brown and recruiting in Texas
Cardale Jones and where he needs to go in the NFL
Donte Whitner and being "Hitner" again
Jim O'Neil building for Peyton Manning
The elephant in the room with Josh McCown

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