Tamir Rice Family Calls Out County Prosecutor's 'Delay' in Presenting Shooting Case to Grand Jury, Requests Special Prosecutor


With the one-year anniversary of the shooting death of Tamir Rice looming, the long and winding investigation into what happened on Nov. 22, 2014, at Cudell Rec Center remains ongoing. Tamir's mother, Samaria, has been a vocal critic of the prosecutor's and sheriff's offices' foot-dragging; the concerns she's voicing today have been lobbed at the county for months.

This morning, Rice's legal team publicized a letter they she sent to Prosecutor Timothy McGinty. It outlines the "delay in presenting this case to a grand jury, the decision to retain pro-police 'experts' and release their reports to the media on a Saturday night over a holiday weekend (after sharing them with media in advance but refusing to give them to the Rice family), and the obvious shortcomings of the reports themselves."

The Rice family and their attorneys will discuss these issues at noon outside the Justice Center today.

"When Tamir’s family questioned this long delay, your office repeatedly told them that you were attempting to ensure a thorough investigation," the letter states. "But your release this past Saturday night of two plainly biased 'expert' reports leads us to the inescapable conclusion that the true agenda here is to facilitate a presentation to the grand jury that is inappropriately skewed in favor of the police."

Read the full letter here:

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