Ohio Leads the Nation in Fentanyl Seizures


Ohio, as we pointed out last week, is in the midst of a dramatic and deadly rise in fentanyl-related overdoses and deaths. The CDC is currently on the ground and visiting three counties, including Cuyahoga, to examine the crisis and provide recommendations. The scary numbers from 2014 — 502 overdose deaths compared to 84 in 2013 — give plenty of cause and urgency to that situation and the numbers on the law enforcement side, via data from the CDC, show the scope of the problem as well.

The Boston Globe reported yesterday on Massachusetts' ongoing efforts to confront the rise and illuminated why fentanyl, especially when mixed with heroin and cocaine, is such a potent drug. The paper also broke down the top ten states for fentanyl seizures. Ohio is at the top of the list by a comfortable margin which is a credit to the host of law enforcement agencies working on their end to get it off the streets.


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