C. Ellen Connally Takes the Cleveland Browns More Seriously Than the Law



The NFL Network, which is home to Thursday night football, films local commercials with quasi-celebrity type folks from each of the respective cities in the lead up to the games. Up next on the TNF docket: Browns vs. Bengals. Hooboy. After yesterday's drubbing at the hands of the Cardinals, which came after rumors of a veritable fire sale of the more talented men on the Browns roster, you can forgive us if we're not too excited about the match up. 

But C. Ellen Connally is. The former judge and county council president might not think that leadership is the public's business, but she sure as hell thinks football is.

It's an odd choice by the NFL Network. It wasn't like Connally was well known among the Cleveland voting electorate while she was active, and now that she's faded into the background, we imagine Browns fans seeing this commercial and having exactly no clue who the berobed lady on their screen imploring them to catch the hot action is. Of course, given the Browns' putrid season so far, it's not hard to fathom that it was hard to come up with someone notable to put their name behind the orange and browns. When even Michael Symon is distancing himself from your organization, things can't be good.

Which is probably how Connally became the option of last resort.

What'd she have to say? Well, we don't have video to embed but one of the lines that stuck out to us and others, even if it was clearly meant in a cheeky manner, went along the lines of, "The only thing I take more seriously than the law are my Browns." 


Can we trade her for the concessions guy from Cincinnati?

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