Cleveland's Kilted Bros Keeps Northeast Ohio Looking Fine and Feeling Comfortable


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The 5th Street Arcades is home to many unique shops, but Kilted Bros literally has people dropping their pants in excitement.

Offering a variety of kilts, kilt accessories, and the motto "grab life by the balls," head bros Jefferson Lipson and Nick Vannello have set up and a retail spot at the 5th Street Arcades across from Jack Flaps to sell this Scottish staple. The unique designs include a camouflage, fireman and leather kilt. There's also a "Pride of Cleveland" tartan, inspired by the Cleveland Browns. 

With a shared hatred of tight pants and the need to feel the breeze flow past the thighs,  Lipson and Vannello happily ignore the taboo surrounding wearing kilts.

"I don't honestly know what to say to somebody who's uncomfortable with it," Lipson said. "Try it on. You walk around in a bathrobe, you walk around in a towel. It's great, liberating and fun. There's a reason women wear skirts." 

Next year, there are plans to take Kilted Bros mobile. Lipson and Vannello want to join the likes of traveling boutiques such as the Wandering Wardrobe and bring kilts to the masses. So, in preparation of saying goodbye to pants, say hello to the bros behind the kilts in this video: 

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