Kyrie Irving Talks to GQ About His Love of 'Rent' and Joey from 'Friends'


  • Photo by Interop Events, Flickr CC
Kyrie Irving talked to GQ on the set of his most recent Uncle Drew Pepsi commercial about the Cavs and his interest in TV, musicals, and acting. We all know Irving is game to dress up like an old man and play street ball, but we were surprised to learn that he's also game to binge all day on Friends.

Irving revealed that he started acting as a nervous high schooler and has since become comfortable onstage and in front of the camera. The elderly Uncle Drew character that he plays in Pepsi commercials has drawn Irving some well deserved attention for his acting and sense of humor.

"Being able to put ourselves in other people's positions, and then being able to laugh about them? I think that's what makes comedy so special to me," Irving told GQ.

His love of the sitcom Friends goes beyond marathon binging; Irving has a tattoo of the show's logo on his forearm that he got with a friend. Irving told GQ that Joey is his favorite character because of actor Matt LeBlanc's ability to play such a silly guy. "When you see Matt LeBlanc off screen, he's well spoke and seems smart. But then Joey ... He's just a great actor." We would have pegged him for a Chandler guy. 

Irving also shared his love of the musical Rent. There's something pretty endearing about a star basketball player who loves musicals. 

We didn't need another reason to love you, Kyrie, but thanks for giving us one.

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