Cleveland Clinic to Begin Randomly Drug-Screening All Employees Jan. 1


Beginning Jan. 1, the Cleveland Clinic will randomly screen all employees for drug use. 

"Our CEO wanted to do this for patient and employee safety," a media spokesperson told Scene

One employee told us that CCF management has been citing this 2014 op-ed that lays out the drug-testing case: "We believe hospitals should be required to perform random drug tests on all health care workers with access to drugs. The tests should be comprehensive enough to screen for fentanyl and other commonly abused drugs and must keep up with evolving drug abuse patterns."

At the Clinic, though, all employees will be subject to the new policy (not just health care workers with access to drugs). We've also been told that this applies only to employees in the U.S. 

"We’re not going into detail about what we’re testing for, but [the testing] will be broad," the spokesperson explained. Already, she continued, the Clinic screens for nicotine use, as a policy has long since prohibited hiring smokers.

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