The Old Angle Tavern Could Be Best Soccer Bar in America


  • Facebook: The Old Angle Soccer
NBC Sports is running a nationwide poll to determine the best bar for English Premiere League soccer in the United States. Cleveland's The Old Angle Tavern, on W. 25th St., is among the current 10 most popular bars in the poll. It's the only bar in Cleveland in the competition. 

It's not a traditional poll — no easy voting here. To show your support for The Old Angle, visit the link above, and share your "stories, images, and videos" using the hashtag #BestPLBarContest. (The more social media attention with these things, the better). 

According to NBC, bars will be judged by "an exclusive NBC Sports judging panel" and the winning bar will receive a cash prize of $50,000 and a party hosted by NBC Sports "for all fans who helped them earn the ultimate bragging rights."

Additionally, the winning bar will get a national TV commercial "showcasing their pub is #1 in America."

The Olde Angle is one of 82 bars in the competition, several of which are national chains like Fado Irish Pub. Fado's Columbus location is in fact the closest location, after the Angle.

Check out more information at The Old Angle's Facebook page. Even if you're not an EPL fan, grab a pint for the atmosphere. (Pound-for-pound, they've still got the best french fries in Cleveland). 

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