The Revivalists Turn Up Funky Heat on Tuesday Night in Cleveland

Concert Review


The Revivalists took the stage last night with promises to do a Tuesday night in Cleveland complete and utter justice. What they meant was: Friday nights in Brooklyn can kindly fuck off. This — the Beachland on a cold weekday night — is where rock 'n' roll thrives. (These show-opening comments called back the band's 2014 show in Cleveland.)

Singer David Shaw — hair a-bouncing — immediately got the crowd moving, launching into his unique blend of soulful, rapid-fire vocals.

Ed Williams' work on the pedal steel drew the crowd into a frenzy all night. And I honed in on George Gekas' bass playing throughout the set, which was both simple and enthralling — ideal for cutting up some dances on the Beachland's hardwood floor.

Midway through the set, the band threw down "Catching Fireflies," which had been buzzing around my head throughout the day. (Audio embedded below.) It's an incredible song, and it was a thrill to catch it live.

The Burning River Ramblers opened the show — a perfect fit with the NOLA headliner. I hadn't seen the Ramblers in a few years, though I frequented their shows in 2012 and 2013. They've still got that terrific sense of rhythm and dynamics. Guitarist Zach Catania lit up the stage with a handful of top-notch solos throughout their set. 


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