Buffalo Wild Wings Debuts Mountain Dew Flavored Wings


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Besides boasting moderately priced beers and dozens of TVs to watch the Browns and Cavaliers play, Buffalo Wild Wings is rolling out another reason to visit: Mountain Dew wings. Today, as in right now, Mountain Dew and wing lovers alike can sink their teeth into a zesty citrus sauce, inspired by the florescent green soda.

"Available in restaurants from December 14 through January 2, the bold citrus flavor of Mountain Dew was infused with lemongrass and spicy red pepper-flakes to create a blast of sweet and spicy that will leave guests asking for more," Buffalo Wild Wings reps stated via Yahoo

Will it really leave guests asking for more? Clevelanders who are brave enough to find out have three weeks to do so at any Cleveland location. You'll also be able to try other wing concoctions at the new BW3 coming soon to downtown on Prospect Avenue, which you can read about here


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