Flats at East Bank Apartments Offers Paid Vacation in Exchange for Use of Apartment During RNC


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Anyone who signs a new lease at the Flats at East Bank Apartments will be asked if they'd like to open up their place for RNC attendees next summer. In return, these new tenants will be given an "all-expense paid vacation" (at a cost of up to $5,000).

It's a win-win, really, and other real estate management teams in Cleveland would do well to consider it.

Think about it: Those who are signing leases down there and agreeing to this deal will literally be paid to avoid the political hordes. On the flip side, the RNC host committee has nailed down some 16,000 hotel rooms in Northeast Ohio for the event, but all signs point to a need for even more options for incoming visitors.

“Flats at East Bank is a dynamic new living experience right on the waterfront and we wanted to provide a way for new residents to take advantage of a special opportunity during the RNC,” Scott Wolstein, developer and partner of The Wolstein Group, said via prepared statement today. “We are happy to be able to provide such an exceptional benefit to those leasing in downtown Cleveland.”


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