Undercover Boss Sneaks into Cleveland Store


Photo courtesy of Shopper's World Facebook page
  • Photo courtesy of Shopper's World Facebook page
It's not every day the CEO of a major corporation bleaches his hair blonde and rocks over-sized glasses to evaluate his employees. But that's just what the CEO and president of Shopper's World, Sam Dushey, did at his Cleveland's location for CBS's Undercover Boss. 

According to Cleveland.com, the New York retail magnate was enlisted by the reality show this fall where he spent time as a cashier and stock boy to better understand his employees. Under Dushey's supervision, Shopper's World has grown from 11 to 40 locations in the U.S. The show chose to fly Dushey out to the retail giant's Atlanta, New York and Cleveland locations. Oh, CBS, we're honored.

During filming, Dushey went to great lengths to alter his appearance to ensure none of his staff would recognize him. Then, he spied on his team from within.

The show usually targets specific employees to reward or chastise at the end of the titular undercover boss's run. In past episodes, we've seen an assistant manager at Hooters forcing servers into a bean-eating contest for his amusement, while the CEO of Family Dollar was fired from his undercover job for not being able to drive a forklift.

No word yet on what Cleveland staffers may have won (or lost), so we guess we'll just have to tune in Jan. 3 to see how it all went down. 


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