Kasich Signs Bill to Drive Ride-Sharing Success in Ohio


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Gov. John Kasich signed new ride-sharing regulations, House Bill 237, into law today, allowing the industry to flourish throughout Ohio.

The law helps solidify Transportation Network Companies (TNC), such as Uber and Lyft, as legitimate forms of transportation.

As State Rep. Mike Duffey explains, the bill defines these new-fangled "ride-sharing" terms so that politicians that figure out what to do with them.

"Second," Duffey continues, "[the bill] requires companies to apply to the PUCO for a permit to operate. Next, it requires all TNCs to perform background checks and specifies disqualifying offenses. It requires disclosures of how fares are calculated, including trip estimates and e-receipts. Compliance with state, local and TNC anti-discrimination policies would be required by law. TNCs would be responsible for ensuring drivers are in compliance with state law.”

This serves as a big step for Uber and Lyft in Ohio, which just arrived in the state two years ago. It means that we can continue to safely request rides when needed, and drivers can continue reaping the benefits of working for TNCs.

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