Cleveland Named One of the Best Cities For Beer Drinkers


  • Emanuel Wallace
Kick back and enjoy your favorite Cleveland microbrew, as if you weren't already, because Cleveland was named the 18th best city for beer drinkers out of 25 across the nation. 

In a study by Smart Asset, cities were compared on the basis of total microbreweries, microbreweries per 100,000 residents, bars per 100,000 residents, average Yelp score of breweries, and average price for a domestic draught pint. Data was collected from 296 of the largest cities with Portland, Maine in the lead spot. 

The results show what Clevelanders have known all along, Cleveland is among the best for a brew and the Buckeye state overall is pretty nifty — Columbus came it at No. 14 and Cincinnati at No. 10.

Cleveland, which clocked in at No. 18,  has more bars per residents than even Denver, Colorado. We also have just as many microbreweries as Pittsburgh. But best of all, our average price for a pint ranges on the lower end at $3.50. Unfortunately Yelpers aren’t as satisfied, giving Cleveland an average Yelp score of 3.91 compared to cities like Seattle that earned a 4.13. 

  • Smart Asset, Nick Wallace

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