Rapper Machine Gun Kelly Recovering from Emergency Surgery

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  • Courtesy of Snapchat
Cleveland-based rapper Machine Gun Kelly took to social media to reveal that he recently had emergency surgery for an infection in his arm. On his Snapchat account, he posted a few photos of his arm in a cast and wrote “da fuck happnd” as the caption. He didn’t reveal the cause of the infection, which has led some fans to speculate he might have a drug problem.

Here’s what he says on Twitter: “surgery went well thanks for asking. they won't release me from the hospital tho until test results indicate they don't have to do it again. I just wanna be sure my left arm will be fully functional again after this. fun fact: doc said if i would've waited 12 more hours. the infection would've gotten to my bone. u know what that means??”

Here’s to hoping the popular rapper, who's been out promoting his latest album, General Admission, recovers quickly.


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