Cuyahoga County Judge Committee Will Review Grand Jury Process


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Judge John J. Russo has appointed a two-judge committee to study the grand jury process here in Cuyahoga County. The goal, he said, is to study ways to make the system more efficient. Russo, the court's administrative and presiding judge, promises a "comprehensive" review.

"This will include a review of the local rules that are used to guide the three grand juries as they hear evidence," he wrote today.

Grand jury proceedings by their nature are bound by legal secrecy. Still, the impact of jurors' decisions can be far-reaching at times. Public perception of the process can tend to be murky.

"Even though the grand jury process has made headlines recently, this review is something I have been considering since I first became Administrative Judge in 2014," Russo wrote today. "It should not be interpreted as anything more than making sure the system works as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We have similar committees looking at most aspects of the Court's operation." 


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