New Jimmy Johns Eatery Moving into the Warehouse District


Does downtown Cleveland need another Jimmy Johns? Jimmy Johns thinks so. The home of free smells and sandwiches you can get for money will replace the former Warehouse District restaurant/bar D'Vine, which shut down last year.

D'Vine lost its battle with many newer, more popular spots downtown like the new East Fourth entertainment district, as well as the more popular spots in the Ohio City and Tremont neighborhoods.

The new joint will join more than 2,400 Jimmy Johns around the county and will include an area to sell retail items. It follows a trend of more daytime exclusive or primarily daytime operating businesses in the district, while providing more eating options for the growing number of downtown workers. The Warehouse District is also expanding with new apartment options, a portion of which, we're guessing, will be filled by residents want sandwiches that don't cost a lot of money and that come straight to your door.

Jimmy Johns is scheduled to open in late February.

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