Hospitality Restaurants to Open New Seafood Concept in Copley


Just this past October Hospitality Restaurants opened their third Rosewood Grill location and already there’s another restaurant project waiting in the wings. But this latest venture from the folks behind Cabin Club, Salmon Dave’s Pacific Grille, Blue Point Grille, Delmonico’s Steakhouse and Rosewood Grill will be none of the above, says Christopher Oppewall, managing partner.

“This will be kind of a one-off,” he says.

The location, a 6,500-square-foot building in Copley Township, currently is in full demo mode. Build-out will begin in spring and management is hoping to have the new restaurant up and running in mid- to late-summer.

As for the concept, Oppewall says the logical choice is seafood.

“The steak market seems pretty well-served down there. We’re hoping there’s some room for seafood so we’re headed in that direction. Between Blue Point and Salmon Dave’s we feel like we’ve got a pretty good feel for how to execute seafood well.”

Despite the undeniable success of Blue Point and Salmon Dave’s, which opened in 1997 and 1993 respectively, the plan is not to copy either playbook. Each of those concepts was determined by its unique setting and location, which dictates everything from the décor to the menu, Oppewall explains.

“What we can do with the space will determine the concept, but we’re envisioning a coastal, wharf type thing,” Oppewall says. “We’re enjoying the process of letting the concept develop around seafood and in line with our other concepts, which are moderate to fine dining. Our aim with seafood has always been to get the best product we possibly can and push it forward. We will continue with that quality-first mentality.”

The free-standing building with dedicated parking once housed an Amazon Trail restaurant.


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