Cleveland Ranked One of the 10 Most Romantic Cities in America


  • Photo courtesy Groupon
They're surprised.

We're not.

Cleveland made the cut on the list for the top 10 romantic cities in America according to Groupon. Tis the season, after all, for rankings around the impending Valentine's Day holiday this weekend. (WalletHub, if you missed it, said we were literally one of the worst in that category. But we all know they are wrong.)

The site looked into data from listings such as fancy dinners, massages and romantic getaways, and it turns out Cleveland buys a lot of them. St. Louis, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Denver, Sacramento, Portland, Milwaukee, Charleston and Orlando all beat out Cleveland spots one to nine, but here's what they had to say about Cleveland.

10. Cleveland, OH
Eating your way through the historical West Side Market is one of the most romantic things you can do in Cleveland if you’re in love with a foodie. Under its sweeping arched roof, wind your way around vendor stalls hawking everything from local fruits and European pastries to seafood and artisanal olive oil. Ethnic offerings include pierogis, tamales, fresh pasta, falafel, and Cambodian sticky rice. Have your fill here, or pick up supplies for a romantic dinner at home.

Breaking news: Cleveland likes food.

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