Legalize Ohio 2016 Suspends Campaign, 'Joins Forces' with Marijuana Policy Project


Legalize Ohio 2016 — the group that had planned to bring a recreational marijuana ballot measure to voters later this year — has suspended its signature-gathering campaign and joined up with the Marijuana Policy Project's efforts. (Legalize Ohio 2016 was also known colloquially by its PAC name, Ohioans to End Prohibition.)

The Legalize Ohio 2016 team found itself short on cash ($268 on hand at the end of last month) and signatures (a shade over 80,000 of the required 305,591). 

The bottom line: We're not gonna see a recreational ballot issue this year in Ohio.

"Legalize Ohio 2016 will be reformed into a non-profit campaign that will circulate petitions for the MPP’s medical marijuana amendment, while simultaneously providing pro-bono support for an entire suite of campaign services for local decriminalization efforts," the team announced this week.

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