Cedar Point Raises Admission, Announces the Closure of Three Rides


  • Valravn photo courtesy Cedar Point
Cedar Point isn't scheduled to open until May 7, but the amusement park is already announcing some big changes.

As the Valravn roller coaster construction nears completion, the park is also shuttering three rides: Shoot the Rapids water ride, Skyscraper and Challenge Racing. Cedar Point hasn't yet announced what the former ride spaces will be used for this year.

Two other rides will look a lot brighter when the park opens. The Raptor and Top Thrill Dragster roller coasters are getting a brand new paint job in their original colors. You'll also notice new changes to the Dodgem bumper car ride: new two-tone cars with seating for two adults.

The park also announced daily admission will now be $65, up three bucks from last year. It's worth it, judging by the new record-breaking coaster that will greet fans when the park opens this year: When complete, the Valravn will carry guests 20 stories before dropping then straight down at 75 mph.

See Valravn construction photos here.

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