Cleveland Ranked One of the Most Expensive Cities for Weddings


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Planning a wedding on a budget is difficult, but it gets even harder if you're on this list. put together a list of the top 25 most expensive cities in which to throw a wedding in 2016, and Cleveland ranks 8th. The average total cost to tie the knot in Cleveland is $13,416, with the cost of catering putting the biggest hole in a wedding budget: It costs about $3,495 just to cover catering, which, if you've gotten married, is particularly low on what you can spend on food and booze.

As for the lowest costs, hiring an officiant ($148), makeup ($156) and hair ($286) didn't break the bank as much.

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Unsurprisingly, New York City topped out the list with a $16,077 average cost, again with catering the biggest culprit on the checkbook.


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