John Kasich Is Still Contemplating His 'Purpose'


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At a town hall in Kennesaw, Georgia, this week, a Kasich supporter reportedly asked the Ohio governor, “My question to you is: John Kasich, when are you going to live out your purpose Thursday night when you have the national stage? What are you gonna do to stick it to Trump, stick it to Rubio and live out your purpose?”

Kasich replied: “I don’t know if my purpose is to be president. My purpose is to be out here doing what I think I need to be doing, and we’ll see where it ends up.

“And if it’s not this crusade it’ll be another one, and maybe it’ll be a really small one somewhere in my kids’ school. Who knows? Because it doesn’t matter the size of the crusade. It’s the fact that you are in a crusade.”

Relatedly, this is the guy who told reporters that his campaign has been termed "Zen-like" from crowds on the trail. 

What we're seeing here is a) the now totally concretized three-man showdown among Trump, Cruz and Rubio post-South Carolina and b) something of a spiritual walkabout for Kasich, tethered unremarkably to the small towns and villages of the near-right American landscape. This is the Kasich that someone, we assume, has been searching for. He's enlightened. (Probably not.)

As Kasich's portion of the primary election returns continues to dip, these impending crusades may just become the most interesting political narrative in 2016. (Probably not.)

Maybe he'll open a head shop in Yellow Springs? A fair free-trade coffee joint in Oxford? Maybe he'll teach Christian semiotics at his kids' school?

We don't support much about Kasich and his policies — and while we don't really support campaign contribution-funded soul-searching, we're at least briefly excited about any crusade that might take the governor to greener pastures far, far away from public office.


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