State Auditor Dave Yost Would 'Break Ranks' with Republican Party if Trump Wins Nomination


In a Facebook post this afternoon, state auditor Dave Yost proclaimed that he would "break ranks" with the Republican Party were Donald Trump to receive the presidential nomination later this year. It's a significant stance, given Yost's visibility as a high-ranking Republican official in an electoral "battleground" state like Ohio.
I've voted Republican all my life. But if Donald Trump wins the nomination of the Republican Party, I will break ranks with my party and will not support him.

Unlike some in my party who tell each other that they don't know anyone who is voting for Mr. Trump, I know many. They are my friends, and they have legitimate grievances — from failed immigration policy to economic policies that benefit Wall Street while Main Street boards up its windows.

In spite of his powerful, legitimate criticisms, Mr. Trump's candidacy is about only one principle: power. He has changed his positions on abortion, Syrian refugees, the flat tax, Afghanistan and more in his pursuit of power.
Yost, mind you, does not shy away from vocal opinion-making. ("What Will We Have Next — 12 Monopolies for Whorehouses in the 12 Largest Counties?" he asked in the infancy of the ResponsibleOhio campaign last year.)

Super Tuesday is tomorrow, followed by the likes of Michigan and Ohio's primary elections. The wave of popular support for Trump's candidacy is arcing higher, and you can bet that we'll see more and more establishment conservatives openly warning against the Trump Machine. 

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