New Local Record Label to Issue First Single from Singer-Songwriter Bill Fox in 20 Years


Last year, BillMike Morrissey from the local rock act the Forgotten Souls of Antiquity, launched Eleventh Hour, a new record label devoted to releasing local acts on vinyl. Now, he’s just announced that Eleventh Hour will kick off its first release on April 9 with a split single featuring Bill Fox b/w the Forgotten Souls of Antiquity.

"We have a little studio here at the house and all of these great musicians come through on a sporadic basis to record a song or just jam,” Morrissey says in a press release. “Sometimes we'll do sessions in regards to a release, but I wanted other folks to hear some of this music that was coming out of these sessions. Other times folks will give me a copy of things they've recorded, and it sounds fantastic, but they don't have the connections or the time to get it properly released. That's what we're trying to do; get this music out to people so they can hear it."

The ex-frontman of ’80s power pop band the Mice, Fox hasn't been particularly prolific since the Mice disbanded. The 7-inch will mark his first 7-inch release in nearly 20 years.

Both acts will perform a release show on April 9 at the Five O'Clock Lounge in Lakewood.

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