Amherst Bakery Selling Cookies With Candidates' Faces on Them


  • Courtesy: Margie Frazer, via Facebook
Kiedrowski's Bakery, the Polish bakery in Amherst famous for its Paczkis, is selling presidential cookies in honor of next week's primary election.

Sugar cookies bearing the faces of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and John Kasich are flying off the shelves.

A Kiedrowski's employee named Brittany told Scene that they prepare 10-12 dozen every day and usually only have about a dozen left at closing time. The cookies sell for $1.50 and will probably be stocked until the election. 

The best-selling cookie? 

"I would say Trump, unfortunately," Brittany said. "I think people hate him, so they buy them to put out on their desks at work." 

Given the rage and vapidity of the election season, it's likely that there are plenty of folks who would enjoy taking a bite out of any of the four available candidates.  

Trump's face, though. 

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