On April Fools' Day, Cavs in Talks with Cleveland Orchestra Violist Richard Waugh


  • Cleveland Orchestra
Today, the Cleveland Orchestra announced an interesting development: The Cavs are in talks with violist Richard Waugh, and may sign the former University of New Mexico basketball player ahead of the team's playoff run. 

LeBron James has already followed and unfollowed Waugh on Twitter three times today.

From the Orchestra's announcement:
The Cavs, who do not currently have a violist on the team, have now filled this critical role with a seasoned Clevelander who has experience playing all round the world, including Europe, New York, and Miami. Waugh (6’ 8”) is a stellar performer averaging 18.4 pages per symphony, 90.2 minutes per concert, and 8 rebounds. The unconventional move is indicative of the team’s innovative, championship-focused mentality, a team source said "Richard’s a great performer, and never misses a beat.”
18.4 pps!

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