Off-Duty Cleveland Police Officer Accused of Elbowing Man in the Jaw at Horseshoe Casino


After an angry exchange of words and an alleged elbow to the face, the Cleveland Police Department is looking into what exactly happened at Horseshoe Casino in the wee hours of the morning Sunday.

Long story short, an off duty police officer is accused of elbowing a Cleveland Heights man in the face. No, charges haven't been filed yet, but there's a police report detailing what witnesses say happened.

The gist: the man assaulted says he was sitting at Vintage 51, a bar, when he was approached by another man, who elbowed him in the face. He says he had never seen or met the man before or has any idea as to why he socked him in the jaw. A screaming match ensued, the panic alarm was sounded, and that's when the a responding officer saw the men arguing around 2:10 a.m.

The Cleveland Heights man declined EMS treatment at the scene and was told to contact the prosecutor's office.

The Cleveland Police Department's Internal Affairs unit is looking into the altercation.

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