Get Tickets: 'The Daily Show' Will Broadcast in Cleveland During the RNC


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Purveyors of political satire have had their hands full with this presidential campaign season, obviously. The fun's not letting up, though! Have you heard that the remaining Republican sideshow acts might duke it out in a war for delegate votes right here in Cleveland?

Of course you have. Aside from Mabel's BBQ, it's the only thing the city is talking about.

The Daily Show, which under Jon Stewart's patronage essentially rewrote the book on political lampooning, knows this and wouldn't dare miss this party.

The show, fronted these days by the affable Trevor Noah, will cover the RNC from the Breen Center for the Performing Arts in Cleveland from July 19 - 22. (The Breen Center is at St. Ignatius High School.) If you'll be in town — Godspeed — you can request tickets for Daily Show tapings here. It's a reservation system and that doesn't guarantee you'll get in — there's an early and large line — but the first step is snagging the online tickets.

The Daily Show will also cover the DNC on the ground in Philadelphia from July 26 - 29. 


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