Group Seeks $15/Hour Minimum Wage in Cleveland, Petitions Hit Streets Today


Ohio's minimum wage is currently sitting at $8.10, and the city of Cleveland follows statewide suit. 

Today, a group called Raise Up Cleveland is beginning to circulate petitions that call for a ballot issue, one that would prompt an across-the-board raise for minimum-wage workers in the city. 

The group's proposal is simple: Increase the minimum wage to $15 in January 2017. In January 2018, begin tracking the inflation index and make raises automatic for minimum-wage workers. (If the group collects at least 5,000 signatures, City Council would be able to just pass an ordinance. The group could still seek a ballot measure if council opts not to do so.)

Petitions will be circulating on streets across the city, but you can also stop by the group's office at 1771 E. 30th St. to lend your signature.

Demonstrations in favor of a $15/hour minimum wage are taking place all over the world today.  

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