Woman Pleads Guilty in Plot to Smuggle Heroin into Jail in a Painting


  • Courtesy of Lake County Jail
A woman serving a 60-day sentence after pleading guilty to drug charges is in trouble again, this time for attempting to smuggle drugs into the facility in a painting, of all things.

The incident dates back to January when Nicole E. Henderson, 26, asked a man to paint a picture with heroin mixed into the paint. (Is that even possible? Really, we're asking.) The plan was thwarted after a Lake County Jail corrections officer found a note detailing their plot, and jailhouse calls confirmed the zany scheme; she has since pleaded guilty to illegal conveyance of drugs of abuse onto the grounds of a detention facility.

The man was not charged since the plan was foiled in the early stages and he never actually made the painting/heroin delivery device.

Henderson will be sentenced on May 16 and faces upwards of three more years in prison.

(Hat Tip Cleveland.com)

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