Bumper Crop for Local Security Consultant as RNC Looms


  • Sam Allard / Scene
News Channel 5 has reported that a local security company has seen requests for security improvement plans go through the roof as the Republican National Convention looms.

The RNC, which will bring approximately 50,000 visitors and (for better or worse) the national spotlight to Northeast Ohio, is scheduled for July 18-21.

And though much attention has been paid to preparations by law enforcement for potential protests and garden-variety non-compliance, one local security consultant said downtown businesses need to make sure that they're ready too.

Thomas Lekan, of Thomas Lekan Consultants, told Channel 5 that his firm has received upwards of 200 requests for security improvement plans, but that he hasn't yet heard from bars, restaurants and hotels. That's troubling to Lekan, who smells a recipe for security chaos: bars open til 4 a.m., thousands of strangers passing in and out of businesses.  

Lekan said that though some companies are considering letting employees work from home or encouraging vacation days, the smartest tactic for downtown businesses during the convention (esp. a hotel or restaurant, where employees generally can't work from home) is being hyper-vigilant about monitoring who enters and exits the building.

Twelve weeks and counting. 

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